Quality & Sustainability


We use only the best raw materials, gifted by the unique Greek soil and climate to produce products that fulfill the taste, the sensations and the nutritional improvement.
We choose the best Greek extra virgin olive oil and the finest organic herbs, grown in ideal conditions, climate, soil and altitude.
We collect the herbs carefully, just in time and we process them fresh (same day).
We use only certified raw materials, which are rigorously controlled.
We monitor our products with continuous measurements in our fully equipped business quality lab, but also in independent laboratories.
We invest significant funds in quality control.
We share with our suppliers and our partners the commitment to high quality.
All production phases are controlled by a rigorous and strict quality system, which is based on HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).


We have invested in state of the art technology equipment with low power consumption.
We use “green” production methods, committed to a sustainable approach.
No solvents used, no additives, no preservatives.


  • All our procedures are controlled and governed by quality system according to ISO 22000:2005 standard. The company is also certified according to IFS standard.
  • Our company satisfies the requirements of Reg. (EC) 834/2007 and all its modifications thereof, regarding its production procedures and products.




Pellas Nature Lemon infused EVOO

Pellas Nature infused EVOOs 250ml series

Organic Drops Rosemary OEVOO

Organic Drops Basil OEVOO

Pellas Nature Greek Islands Olive Oil

Pellas Nature Chios Mandarin Olive Oil



Organic Drops Rosemary OEVOO

Organic Drops Sage OEVOO

Organic Drops Lemon OEVOO

Organic Drops Basil OEVOO

Pellas Nature  Rosemary EVOO

Pellas Nature  Basil EVOO