Spicy Feta Cheese Spread by Pellas Nature

Easy to make in just a few minutes. A great appetizer, as a snack before dinner with bread or pita or at a cocktail hour. Delicious as a spread in sandwiches. Served with grilled vegetables or grilled meat. The creamy texture of feta and the fluffy texture of greek yogurt are perfectly combined with a touch of spicy Pellas Nature Red Hot Pepper olive oil.

Healthy Greek Yogurt Salad by Pellas Nature

Simple and healthy Greek yogurt salad. Use Pellas Nature Garlic olive oil to prepare a fresh dip in only a few minutes. Delicious with cooked vegetables, pasta or grilled meat. Enjoy!

Delicious Green Salad by Pellas Nature

Delicious Green Salad with a fabulous Red Hot Pepper and Rosemary Pellas Nature olive oil dressing and yummy feta cheese. Ideal for Mediterranean and Vegetarian diet.

Traditional Cretan Dakos – Greek Bruschetta by Pellas Nature

Delicious and healthy, the ultimate representation of the Mediterranean diet, straight from the island of Crete. Prepare it easily using Pellas Nature Oregano olive oil and enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or as a snack any time of the day!